7 greatest things about Spanish cuisine


7 greatest things about Spanish cuisine, After the Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Spanish cuisine has recently spread in a number of capitals of European countries and American cities, on a large scale popularly.

and the Spanish “Paella” dish has become a demand for many customers who have been captured by the taste of this historical dish that dates back to the early ninth century AD in the country of “Andalusia“.

Founded by the Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula, and the word “Paella” in Spanish is “Arab”, meaning “fish, chicken and meat”, meaning all kinds of living proteins.

They are collected at the end of the week and cooked in a distinctive way among the rice, flavored and flavored with saffron.

The Arabs of Andalusia in the ninth century AD have invented this dish and mastered its preparation and presentation, and it was passed on to generations in Spain for more than eleven centuries and is now the ambassador of Spanish cuisine around the world.

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7 greatest things about Spanish cuisine


1  traditional ingredient Spanish cuisine-trelaine

 Cooking is among the things that Spain is famous for, and Spanish cuisine is known for its use of natural and traditional ingredients such as paella, tortilla, and tapas, which is one of the most important things Spain exports.

Spanish cuisine is also famous for using natural spices and various flavors that make Spanish food unique and distinctive taste, and we will try to present to you in this article the most important components of Spanish cuisine that are not without any kitchen in Spain.

Spanish cuisine has many characteristics and features, and Spanish dishes are varied and many, but they are of a special and beautiful nature.

The most important components of Spanish cuisine In this topic, inbuzzworld provides you with the most important components of Spanish cuisine used widely in the State of Spain.

2 Paella invades the world Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Spanish chef Jordi Martin tells Fuchia that he worked in the “Bella House” restaurants group in France and Belgium in the early 1990s, and the restaurant only had a third branch in Spain, and that the residents of France and Belgium, especially the capital, had turned to the founding Spanish cuisine in the meantime Recently they have.

and with increasing demand, branches spread inside Belgium and France, then extended to include most of the capitals of Europe, and crossed the ocean towards America from its north to its far south, then across the Mediterranean, and there are currently many branches of the restaurant in the entire North African countries, and obtained the “paella” dish Especially the foodies around the world admire.  In addition to other distinctive Spanish dishes such as tortilla with potato “omelet potatoes“, Rotifera and tapas, all of them are very distinctive and delicious tastes, but not to the degree of paella pleasure.

The paella dish consists of rice, saffron and rabbit meat or chicken, where the meat is cut in a small size “cubes”. to which vegetables are added red pepper, yellow pepper, and pumpkin, green beans, white beans, peas, tomato powder “sauce”, mussels, shrimps, fish, and prepare By roasting garlic and chopped onions in a small size with chopped meat in a little olive oil for 20 minutes, then add the chopped vegetables as a small.  marinated white beans, with water covering the added ingredients, a little salt, and black pepper, and an amount of dry rice is enough to absorb the liquid.

(Ratio of 1 rice to 2 water), add tomato powder and saffron, and leave to boil without cover for 25 minutes in which liquid rice is absorbed, 5 minutes before the end of the cooking process, mix the moon and mussels, and stir the mixture again on the fire.

3 olive oil Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Olive oil is considered one of the most important components of the Spanish kitchen, but it is almost rare to find a kitchen in a Spanish in which there is no olive oil because the natural component is an essential substance in all meals that people eat in Spain.

so starting with pouring it into the cooking pan until it is used in the touches The latter is present at every meal. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, and Spain is home to more than 200 types of olive trees. Chefs in Spain prefer to use olive oil to cook them.

4 Saffron Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Sometimes it is more expensive than gold, especially the original, which is of high quality, depending on weight and quantity.

13 reasons that lead you to visit Spain even once in your life. And when using saffron to cook food, it turns the color of food into a beautiful crimson color and leaves in the food a sweet and delicious flavor, and it is added to various delicious Spanish dishes that may not come to your mind, as it is one of the most important components of Spanish cuisine.

Saffron is cultivated in the Spanish region of La Mancha, which is known as the best saffron in the world.

5 Red pepper Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Red pepper, along with olive oil, is also among the basic ingredients in Spanish cuisine. There are three types of red pepper that the Spaniards use in preparing delicious Spanish dishes.

There are sweet, non-hot peppers, and there is a very hot pepper, and there is a third type of it less hot. There is a special kind of sweet pepper that is produced in the La Vera region in Spain.

in a distinctive way that leaves the smell of a kind of wood that is burned on top of it when it is dried, leaving its trace in it and earning its special distinction and elegance. There are many important dishes that you must find red pepper.

6 the Garlic Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Garlic is one of the basic ingredients that are very popular in all international food, but it is worthy of us to point out its necessary presence in the components of Spanish cuisine, because garlic is used in most Spanish foods with few of them, and some say that Spain was one of the first countries to export garlic to America and others.

For the types of garlic, you will find in Spain many types of garlic, as there is pickled garlic, and there is marinated, and there is chopped on bread, scrambled, fried, grilled, or cooked .. Garlic is necessary for accompanying most foods in Catalonia.

7 Olives Spanish cuisine-trelaine

Olives are the star of Spanish cuisine, where Spain has more than two hundred types of olives, and olives are eaten in the form of a snack, or eat with a lot of spices, or stuffed with herbs and spices, and may be used in cooking sometimes, as olives are an essential ingredient In Spanish cuisine. In recent years, Spain has produced twice the production of Italy, and there are many different types and shapes of olives, so you will find many distinctive Spanish cuisines used by Spanish cuisine.

Also, Spanish cuisine is considered one of the oldest international kitchens that are famous for the most delicious dishes and recipes, and it is a mixture of several kitchens, most notably Turkish, Greek and Arabic cuisine along the Mediterranean. Northern Spain is characterized by fatty meat dishes. In southern Spain, seafood and fish abound, which is generally popular with Spanish cuisine.

as it is well known for its fish-based foods. In addition, what distinguishes the Spanish cuisine.  is also its dependence on vegetables such as eggplant, peas and turkey, and herbal recipes, especially rosemary, in addition to using olives, olive oil, and garlic because of the large number of these ingredients in the region.

 Spanish dishes are varied and branched between main dishes, appetizers, salads, etc., for example, the paella and calamari are known as the main dish, while the Spanish omelet and Spanish cakes are popular for breakfast, knowing that omelet can be served as a type of appetizer or as a side dish.

As for tortilla bread, it is the most famous and it is usually served hot along with the prepared dishes. We recall that the sauces are seldom served alongside the dishes while the salads are served without much spice either.

The charm of Spanish cuisine is represented by its delicious sponge sweets such as churros served with delicious chocolate sauce. Here is one of the best cooking on our page, a group of various Spanish recipes that will definitely enrich your table and give it a special luster!

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