6 UK/USA best food Menus .. between long and limited.


6 UK/USA best food Menus .. between long and limited. Single-meal restaurants spread in the UK London and the slogan “specialization leads to the best”

  • In the US    best food Menus

Since its discovery, America considers everyone to be the new world, to which it has immigrated – and is still – lengths over many years to start a completely new and different life .. This huge number of immigrants from all parts of the earth, strongly reflected on the nature of (American cuisine) and the diversity of foods and drinks in Different states .. There is a common mistake that American cuisine contains (fried potatoes and burgers!) .. In fact, these meals are the most famous for the world about America, although American cuisine contains very many other famous meals .. other than potatoes and burgers!

Traditional local food  best food Menus-trelaine


It is the food that generations of Native Americans have inherited (the American Indians), and it has been influenced by Europeans coming to the continent since the launch of the waves of immigration to America. It is a mixture of vegetarian foods, fruits, and delicious meat. There are so far many food stores and restaurants spread around The country. best food Menus

The country from which the cry of fast-food started, it is evident that it will be the most countries in the world to spread these restaurants .. You will find famous American restaurants with fast food everywhere you go, as it is not only restaurants to guide the meals .. but a symbol of American domination, culture, and influence around the world.

Food culture: 

America is a very huge country, which includes a lot of cultures, races, and nationalities of the whole world, Therefore, there are many food meals associated with the cultures of some regions, including New England: located in the northeast of the country, known for its food meals affected primarily by British culture since the time of the colonies in it .. also known for the meals of different fishes.  best food Menus

  • in London

A new type of restaurant that has spread throughout London in recent times is based on specializing in one meal that it offers to its customers. These restaurants are receiving increasing demand from all groups of society.

where some believe that specializing in specific meals means sparkling in them and providing the best compared to restaurants that offer wide lists of different foods. Single meals also mean that they are fresh because they are consumed by all visitors to the restaurant. It may also be cheaper than multi-course restaurants.

Some customers prefer these restaurants because they provide simplicity in their choice, and they also give them the best meals in comparison to multi-meal restaurants. It relieves them of the hassle of looking for long menus that only concern them as their favorite meal they may not find.    best food Menus

Specializing in one meal means lowering the rates of perishable food daily for not using it, which is a good thing for the environment and reduces the costs of the restaurant and consequently reduces the price of the meal.

Single meal restaurants provide an easy choice that makes going to a meal without thinking and choosing after a hard day’s work. Also, providing one meal means that the service is fast, as the kitchen does not have to move between various meals to satisfy customers.  best food Menus

There are restaurants that combine only two meals, and many of these restaurants are on their way to the outskirts of London. After the success of the experiment in London, the phenomenon spread to other British cities such as Bristol, Leeds, and Manchester, some of which are branches of London restaurants specializing in certain meals.

But the real beginning of this type of restaurant was in New York, when restaurants with pasta cheese, french fries, and rice desserts with milk began to emerge. It seems that London restaurants noticed the success of this type of restaurant in New York, compared to the long lines on it every night, so it decided to import the idea and provide meals that suit English taste.    best food Menus

This idea is not without risk,” says Jay Rainer, a restaurant critic in Britain, in a report on a restaurant that serves Italian risotto. Whoever does not want to be a multi-meal, he must be able in the one meal that he chooses. ”

Fast food restaurants: best food Menus-trelaine

here are also troubles that are not taken into account when the restaurant offers one meal while customers are divided between those who prefer this meal and those who do not, and the couples or groups end up going to other multi-meal restaurants. Also, the traditional restaurants in London complain about the difficulty of recruiting multi-talented cooks, especially after the emergence of this type of restaurant, which seems to have negatively affected the skills of young cooks who lack the appropriate experience.  best food Menus

These restaurants discover that the new generation excels in certain meals and not others, which is not suitable for working in a kitchen with a variety of meals.

But the popularity of these restaurants is still going on relentlessly, and customers sometimes accept them from distant neighborhoods. Single-meal London restaurants extend to minorities who also live in London, where Russian, Polish, Belgian, and Asian restaurants offer single meals. best food Menus

From the Middle East, Koshari restaurants have also begun to appear in London, which can be considered a single meal. Likewise, the shops for selling falafel or shurma can be considered from this type of restaurant, even though they all preceded it, as they have been operating in London since the 1970s.


without no further a due this is the

6 UK/USA best food Menus .. between long and limited.

This elite of  UK/USA restaurants show the latest trends in the capital’s restaurants:

 Babldogs 01 9

He specializes in making American hot dogs, and only a variety of sauces are preferred by customers with hot dogs. The restaurant is located on Charlotte Street in London’s West Quarter.  best food Menus

 Burger and Lobster  best food Menus-trelaine

It is a restaurant located in Dean Street, west London, and specializes only in hamburger and lobster (crab) meals. Most customers prefer the lobster over the burgers, especially since the price of one burger is not less than 20 pounds ($ 30), which is the same price that the restaurant requires in the lobster meal. best food Menus

It is a multi-branch restaurant with 7 restaurants in London, the most important of which are in Soho, Knightsbridge and Oxford Circus, in addition to branches in Cardiff in Wales and another in New York.  best food Menus

 Bon Daddys best food Menus-trelaine

It offers the types of soup and noodles that some people like in cold London weather. Some species are said to be cooked for 20 hours straight. The restaurant is located in Soho Chinatown, and customers queue daily waiting for a vacant table.    best food Menus

 On Burger   best food Menus-trelaine

With many types of hamburgers, including famous names, some people describe Onset Burger as the best burger in London. The reputation of this restaurant began in south-east London, where customers went from far regions to Brixton to eat their favorite meal, but the restaurant recently opened another branch in Soho where it offers burgers and fries to an increasing number of customers.    best food Menus

Flat Iron Steakbest food Menus-trelaine

London was not known in the past for its skill in cooking steaks called “steaks“, as restaurants were over-cooked to the burn. But Flat Iron Steakhouse has completely changed this idea by specializing in providing a “steak” meal only for its customers with limited pie dishes including salads or French fries. It is also located in SoHo China, and customers come daily for this only meal.    best food Menus

 Chicken Shop:    best food Menus-trelaine

It specializes in cooking poultry and serving it in sizes ranging from quarter to half and whole chicken. The restaurant says the chickens come from British farms that specialize in raising free-range chickens, not trapped in cages. Customers choose between french fries or salads in a simple interior decoration of this restaurant, which is located in the “High Gate” northwest of London. Other restaurants only offer meatballs, chicken, meat, pizza, or pasta in sauce and cheese. Most of these restaurants provide fast food without pre-booking.


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