5 best italian food :Antipastie and soups

5 best Italian food: Antipastie and soups

5 best Italian food: Antipastie and soups, Italian kitchen Who does not like pizza and pasta dishes of all kinds? Traveling in Italy may be fun thanks to the dishes served by this ancient cuisine. Italian food

Italian cuisine is famous for many internationally known dishes that have spread in various countries such as pasta dishes such as cannelloni, lasagna, and tortellini. In addition to that, Italian cuisine is known as pizza, which is considered one of its specialties, in addition to rice dishes, such as Risotto. And rumors apply to say that the Italian pasta has its origins in China and has reached Italy thanks to Marco Polo who brought the noodles to Italy.

Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity in preparing foods, as its recipes often contain ingredients ranging from four to eight. As for the most used ingredients. Italian food

italian kitchen

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The Italian kitchen is one of the most famous kitchens in the world, as it is distinguished by its delicious and distinctive dishes and foods. and perhaps the most prominent thing is the addition of many foodstuffs to its dishes such as corn, potatoes, and peppers, in addition to the cheese of all kinds, as it is an important and essential part of the kitchen Italian. Italian food

and it must be said that there are many dishes that were created in this kitchen to become later on the most famous dishes in the world, and in this article, we will introduce you to some of them. Italy is famous for serving many special foods and here comes a mention of the most important of them: Italian food

These are some of the  Italian kitchen secrets you didn’t know about.

Italians have a few behaviors to follow when eating, but these behaviors are not considered etiquette of eating bind in Italy, when it comes to food you will find that there are a lot of these behaviors are not followed.  But despite that, there are few eating etiquettes that you should try to follow as much as possible, so life in Italy has clarified some behaviors to consider when going to Italy. Italian food

Etiquette of eating in Italy: breakfast in Italy

Cappuccino and brioche bread is a staple on the Italian breakfast table, and even the McDonald’s chain there serves cappuccino with breakfast only. Italian food

 The sequence of items in lunch and dinner

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In Italy, food items are presented in a specific order that must be followed, and the meal is presented in the following sequence: v

  • Appetizers 
  • Pasta.
  • Cheese.
  • the fruit.
  • Sweets and coffee.

Etiquette of eating lunch and dinner 

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In Italy, butter is not used to spread on bread.

Bread can be dipped in oil during the meal, but bread dipped in oil is not taken as an appetizer so you don’t feel overly reduced, which will reduce your enjoyment of the food. In no way should you eat bread with pasta, but bread can be served after you have finished eating pasta to eat the remaining sauce in the dish. Only mineral water or juice is consumed with meals, and soda is not consumed during lunch unless you eat pizza. Traditional Italian main meals are varied. Italian food

with restaurants preferring to serve a first main course and then a second main course that contains fewer quantities than are included in main meals consisting of one dish.  Where rice or pasta is served first and then meat or fish Then fruit, which is considered a healthy meal saturated with fewer calories than in other countries such as the United States. Italian food

Grated cheese is usually not served with fish-containing dishes, but this rule has faded over time but some still insist on it. Coffee can be consumed with sweets or fruit, but it cannot be taken with the main meal. As for coffee that contains milk, such as cappuccino, it is eaten at breakfast, and espresso is taken after lunch and dinner.

Italian General behavior by Italian  

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Cinnamon is not added to cappuccino or latte, but the chocolate, cocoa, or whipped cream can be added. If you are going to eat at one of your friends in Italy, you have to finish your plate. Italian food

The use of this rule has decreased over the years, but until now leaving a large amount of food in the dish is considered an insult to the chef.  If you quickly finish the food on your plate, the homeowner or chef will refill the dish, in which case you will have to finish it. Italians hate eating food on the plate without eating the existing vegetables. Italian food

Italians use olive oil and vinegar only to season the salads, and grated parmesan cheese is not used on lettuce. The Italians do not cut the spaghetti, they eat it by wrapping it on a fork, and the knife is not used in any way while eating pasta. In Italy, eating means having fun, so if you don’t want to eat a certain type of food, you should tell the host.

In Italy, try to avoid restaurants with English menus or photo menus, where you will be surprised by low-quality food at an above-average price. Italian food

And without further a due here are the 5 best Italian food: Antipastie and soups

Italian cuisine is famous for a good number of appetizers and salads that accompany the main dishes, and appetizers and salads are divided into two parts: cold and hot. Italian food

Italian cuisine is characterized by the presence of several types of soups and soups and varies according to the region between those prepared with meat and those prepared with fish and seafood, and those that consist only of vegetables. Here are the most famous types of Italian soup:

1 Pizza   

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Italy is famous for producing pizza, especially those made in the city of Naples, which was recognized by UNESCO as one sign of cultural heritage, as Italian pizza is prepared in various ways and ingredients.

Pizza is often considered the foremost famous Italian food within the world, but its origins go back to the eastern Mediterranean countries like Greece and Turkey, where they cooked dough chips on a hot stone and put various ingredients on them like meat and a few vegetables. Italian food

It was discovered by the Italian soldiers and transferred with them to Italy, and therefore the Italians added thereto spaghetti sauce and slices of mozzarella cheese. the town of Naples is legendary for being the origin of Italian pizza and has become internationally known, and pizza is often considered either a main meal or an appetizer.

2 Pasta

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Pasta: Pasta is one of the famous Italian dishes, and it is prepared in many ways and recipes, and Italians avoid preparing it with chicken, overcooking it, or using ketchup as a sauce in it.  Gelato: It is a popular Italian dish, somewhat similar to ice cream, but it has less fat and is served when the temperatures are higher.

as it became one of the important and essential components of Italian dishes, especially during the eighteenth-century Italian cuisine has also been influenced by Chinese cuisine, through what famous Italian traveler Marco Polo brought components and technologies from China and Asia, and perhaps the most famous Italian Find out about the best Italian dishes, including starters, main dishes, and desserts through this article.

3 Minestrone  

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Italian food, minestrone soup, is one of the most famous types of Italian soups, and it consists of cutting vegetables such as onions, celery, carrots, and tomatoes, to which are added beans, pasta or rice, and sometimes both are added together. There is no specific recipe for minestrone as seasonal vegetables are used, as they can be with or without meat.

4 Ribollita

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Recoleta is one of the best and most famous types of Italian soup, and its origin is due to the Tuscany region, known for its delicious dishes. The soup consists of bread pieces and some vegetables such as carrots, chard, cabbage, celery, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and beans. Peasants used to add dry bread to the remaining Minestrone soup, and with the passage of time, this soup became self-contained and became famous throughout Italy.

5 Acquacotta  

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Italian eating Aquatica soup is one of the most famous and best types of Italian soups, and it consists of pieces of toast, delicious parmesan cheese, and some vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and eggs, add a little water and cook over low heat. Porcini mushrooms can be added or any other kind of vegetables such as celery, potatoes, chard, etc.



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