10 of The most influential chefs in the great history of the food industry

10 of The most influential chefs in the history of the food industry. Many people have recently become very interested in food and how it is prepared, due to the proliferation of many cooking channels featuring programs offered by the most famous chefs.  influential chefs

We have compiled a list of some of the most famous chefs who have made a huge impact on the food industry over the past years. The most famous chef who left their mark in the history of the food industry. influential chefs

and without no further introduction here is

10 of The most influential chefs in the history of the food industry

Julia Child

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Chef Julia Child is one of the pioneers of chefs who presented distinctive cooking programs, it is she who started the cry of cooking programs that helped the emergence of cooking channels and networks that presented many famous chefs at the present time.

Julia Child became famous after her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking appeared in 1961, after which she appeared on a television program that brought her to the path of very famous  chefs to appear. After the death of Julia Child in 2004, her fame remained constant until a film featuring her character named Julie & Julia was made and appeared after her death to present her works and a leading character to the new generations.

Jordan Ramsay

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he owns a number of successful restaurants around the world, including Boxwood Café and Petrus Restaurant, as well as another restaurant in his name.

In addition, Jordan Ramsay has presented a number of cooking programs such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, and now he works as an executive producer and presenter for MasterChef.

More About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef, born in Scotland, whose restaurants currently include 14 Michelin stars, and the injury has put an end to his hopes for any future in the field of football.

to return to college and complete a course in hotel management and training with top chefs in the world, to become the chef in eggplant in London, He created his first fully owned restaurant named Gordon Ramsay and received the most famous awards in the world of cooking including three Michelin stars.

When Ramsay became nineteen years old and became serious about obtaining cooking qualifications, he enrolled at North Oxford Technical College, sponsored by Rotaries to study hotel management.

In the early 1980s he worked at the Rockstone House Hotel and Wickham Arms, moved to London to work as a hotel chain.

He worked about three years with Marco Pierre White at Harvey Moods University, and decided to study French cuisine on the advice of White, he began working with Albert Roux in Le Gavroche in Mayfair.

After working in Logafrouch for a year, Rox invited him to work with him at the Diva Hotel, a ski producer in the French Alps where he became the second man in it.

and later moved to Paris where he continued to work for three years, benefiting from the guidance of Guy Savoy and served as a personal chef aboard A private yacht based in Bermuda.

In 1993, he returned to London with a chef position and a 10% stake in Rossmore, White’s partners renamed the restaurant Aubergine and won the Michelin star.

In 1997, Gordon left the partnership, desiring to own and operate a restaurant himself.

He opened the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in Chile, which received three Michelin stars within four years.

He appeared in the TV series Faking it in 2001, helping the prospective chef Ed Devlin, and this episode won the BAFTA Award for Best Realistic TV Moment.

In 2012, The Fat Cow opened in The Grove, Los Angeles, a popular shopping district for tourists, relaxing and enjoying a great meal. Ramsay appeared on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen on ITV1.

the program attempting to train ten British celebrities to be chefs at a restaurant in Brick Lane, which is open to the public during the show.

Ramsay adapted a series similar to the original British series Hell’s Kitchen to suit the American public, and he continued to host an American version of Kitchen Nightmares between 2007-2010.

In 2010 Ramsay was a producer and judge of the American master chef,

In addition to hosting the Ramsay’s Best Restaurant series. Until 2012, he wrote 21 books and contributed articles to The Times Saturday, and two of his books on his autobiography, Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen and Humble Pie.

Gordon Ramsay received the UK’s Best Restaurant award at the London Zagat Survey in 2001, earning the third Michelin star, and also the first Scottish chef to win three Michelin stars.

Ramsey was appointed a British Empire Medal Officer in 2006, he received the Catey Award as an independent restaurant owner of the year and is the only third person to have won three Catey awards which are the UK’s largest hospitality industry awards.  influential chefs

Gordon Ramsay on the Royal Hospital Road in London is famous for its perfect application of food and service, and the food served has been described as classic, well-developed and well-presented cuisine and excellent taste.

 Nagella Lawson

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The English chef, Nagella Lawson, is one of the most famous chefs on Food Network, and she has produced 8 books on cooking, selling more than 6 billion copies worldwide.  influential chefs

Despite all the success of “Nagla Lawson“, she did not attend a cooking school, graduating from Oxford University in 1979 after obtaining a degree in modern languages ​​and medieval languages, and worked as a journalist and then as a food editor in the British magazine Vogue where she began her career in Food industry.

 Anthony Borden

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Anthony Bourdie is famous for being a skilled French chef in addition to his frank and sometimes sharp opinions about foods and the rest of the chefs, and he currently works as a non-stationary chef at Les Halles in New York but he has no plans to open his own restaurant.  influential chefs

where “Anthony Borden” prefers to travel around The world during his work as a presenter of the famous travel program No Reservations and The Layover to experiment with international foods and exotic foods around the world to give his opinion on it.  influential chefs

Bobby Fly

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Bobby Fly began his career with the Food Network in 1994 and became famous for his presence in the Iron Chef America cooking competition program and also for his presentation of The Next Food Network Star. Bobby Fly owns a number of fine restaurants such as Mesa Grill in New York, and has also opened the Bobby’s Burger Palace chain, and has written several cookbooks during the past years and is a charitable activist.  influential chefs

The famous American chef and presenter Bobby Flay got a star bearing his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but his joy was not completed with this honor after flying a plane over his head bearing the slogan “traitor”. While the 50-year-old star launched the T-Star bearing his name on the platform of fame with great joy, a plane bearing the slogan “Traitor” circled and remained long in the air.  influential chefs

The plane is likely to be a gift from his ex-wife, actress Stephanie March, who accused him of treason during their 10-year marriage term. It is reported that the plane continued to raise the slogan “traitor” throughout the event, which included a word for the honored star Bobby Flay and his 18-year-old daughter Sophie Flay, as well as a word for Michael Symon.    influential chefs

Tom Kulikyu

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Tom Collecchio was most famous recently in TV shows despite his popularity in the restaurant world for several years due to his simple and distinctive style of cooking.  as he gained fame in the restaurant world when he opened the famous Gramercy Tavern in New York in 1994, after which he opened the Craft family restaurants which spread to the United States. He recently became famous in the TV shows arena after introducing Top Chef.

Pola Dean

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Because of her distinct personality, Chef Pola Dean was able to gain a place among the most famous chefs in an industry predominantly male chefs, where she established a company that sells canned lunch to workers called the Bag Lady and was sending her two sons to deliver orders. After that, she opened The Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia in 1996.    influential chefs

which made the host of famous programs, Oprah Winfrey, host her in an episode of her program on women who opened companies from their home. What contributed to her popularity, however, was that 70,000 copies of her cookbook were sold in one day, after which she introduced her Paula’s Home Cooking program, through which she presented stories from her life for every dish she presented. Now Paula Dean owns a magazine and a line for ready-made cake mixes.    influential chefs

Mario Batali

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Chef Mario Batali is known for his cheerful personality and delicious Italian dishes, but before his reputation as a chef, Mario obtained a degree from Rutgers University in Spanish theater and business administration and he aspired to work as a banker in Spain.  He worked as a dishwasher at Stuff Yer Face Restaurant, New Jersey, then worked as a pizza maker, and then realized that he wanted to work in the food industry.  influential chefs

Mario Batali spent three years cooking in a small city in Italy and developed a new style of cooking based on using traditional Italian recipes and adapting them to be made with local seasonal ingredients.  After the success of his restaurant, Babbo, he opened a number of other restaurants and appeared on some TV shows, in addition to writing cookbooks and having a line of cookware production in his name.  influential chefs

Emril Lagasse

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Chef Emril Lagassi has won wide acclaim, and he owns his own kingdom where he owns a number of restaurants, cookbooks, TV shows, canned food production lines, and charity. His empire is valued at $ 70 million (about 262.28 million Saudi riyals) and was founded by his hard work and dedication.  influential chefs

In his youth, Emrill worked at a Portuguese bakery in New England where he learned to make bakery and pastries, after that he went on to cook at Johnson & Wales University and got a job as an executive chef at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans when he was only 23 years old. In 1990 he opened his first restaurant in his name, and in 1992 the Food Network made an offer to work with her.    influential chefs

“Emeryl” started working on the network by presenting the Essence of Emeril program, as he was earning $ 50 per episode, and he also presented Emeril Live, and these programs achieved great success, which made the station put it on its program map as one of its most famous chefs.    influential chefs

Wolfgang Puck

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The Wolfgangpack empire is valued at more than $ 500 million (about 1.874 billion Saudi riyals), and contains many restaurants, cookbooks, a line of cooking utensils, canned food, and a large event catering company. “Wolfgang Pak” was one of the first chefs to combine French kitchen technology with locally grown ingredients, and greatly contributed to spreading California cuisine to the food court.    influential chefs

Throughout his trip, Wolfgang focused on providing simple, distinctive food, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere in his restaurants, and he has become one of the most successful American immigrants in the twentieth century, and he is a permanent guest of Good Morning America in the last twenty years in addition to providing a range of distinctive cooking programs.    influential chefs

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